Each and every day I am greeted with evidence of a loving Creator, One who made this world and everything in it for our enjoyment and sustenance.

As I travel through this life, I am sometimes in awe of the beauty that surrounds us.

It is my wish that the pictures found here share that beauty with those that visit, that all may praise Him for the world we live in.

I am not a professional photographer, am, in fact, only at the beginning stages of being an amateur.  I am just starting to  learn the fine art of taking a good photo, and must learn all the terms and applications that go along with capturing this world around us.

What you will find here are things that have caught my eye and made an impression on me.

I have owned a Minolta Maxxum for years and used both the 35-80mm and the 70-210mm lenses.  The high cost of film and processing, however, prompted me to save up for a Canon Powershot SX410 IS. This has a 40x zoom that can range up to 160x.

Most photos published here will be untouched; capturing just what it was that caught my eye.  I do use Photoscape to add my name to the photo; and just recently started to ‘play’ with the settings. But, as I said, I am by no means a professional and the tricks of the trade are something that I am only now beginning to learn.  I will do my best to explain what alterations I have made using Photoscape, if and when I make any.

Please bear with me as I go through this learning process. My main focus (no pun intended) is to have fun and to capture God’s Creation in all its Glory.

May all who visit here be blessed.


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